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About us

BudCube Cultivation Systems ("BCS") is pioneering in the real estate development and medical as well as recreational cannabis cultivation industries. The Company will lease modular turnkey cultivation facilities to new and existing market participants in "mini-storage" or "co-op farming," as well as single tenant or "big box" concepts.


What makes this hybrid construction, technology, real estate development and property management business model so compelling is that our cultivation centers will command extraordinary high rent rates per square foot due to current rates being charged in the cannabis industry across our nation. Our concept offers investors exponentially high rates of return compared to traditional commercial real estate assets, while also increasing company valuations quicker than those traditional assets would in the same scenario for our stockholders.

Welcome to Budcube

BudCube Cultivation Systems developed a proprietary, fully portable and scalable, cultivation technology that serves as outdoor turn-key solution for cultivators of legal medical and recreational cannabis, as well as other various plant species. Coupled with real estate development and property management business model via parent company Cherubim interests Inc., The Budcube Cultivation Systems business model can be duplicated anywhere in the world where the cultivation of cannabis is legal.

Latest News & Events

BudCube Cultivation Advances Technology Deployment, Shares Climb

Shares Cherubim Interests (OTC: CHIT) are up 8% mid-day, potentially moving from yesterday’s news that its wholly owned subsidiary, BudCube Cultivation Systems USA, has initiated due diligence for its inaugural site location to deploy its BudCube Cultivation Systems Technology. BudCube Cultivation Systems is an expansion-stage alternative construction and real estate development company and developer of a proprietary, fully portable and scalable, Controlled Environment Agriculture [...]

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