BCS Leasing Centers

BCS Leasing Centers

BudCube Cultivation Systems (“BCS”) is pioneering in the real estate development and medical as well as recreational cannabis cultivation industries. The Company leases modular turnkey cultivation facilities to new and existing market participants in “mini-storage” or “co-op farming,” as well as single tenant or “big box” concepts.

Multi- Tenant (Co-Op) Concept

The multi-tenant concept allows for multiple tenants to rent individual, self-contained BCS cultivation units at a secure location staffed with management, maintenance, and security personnel. BCS will offer either facilities constructed of retrofitted shipping containers (Image Here) or Via modular building components (Image Here). Local zoning variances, climate and logistics, will determine which application the company will use.

Single Tenant (Big Box) Concept

The single-tenant concept allows for an entity to enter into a long-term lease agreement with an option to purchase the facility (plus land if applicable) at the end of the lease term for a sales price determined considering fair market value. This is a much larger square footage concept with construction techniques and materials determined on a case by case basis. (Image Here)

Through strategic alliances BCS Leasing Centers will offer the following services to consumers:

Standard Operating Procedures
Inventory Control and Management Systems
Genetics Counseling and Testing Procedures
Extract Processing and Equipment Design, and
Proprietary Product Line(s)

Leasing Centers

Lowell, Oregon

Our Lowell, Oregon location comprises of more than twenty acres zoned F2 or Impacted Forest Land. F2 zoned property is primarily resource land to be used for forestry, agriculture and related activities.

The property is also located across the street from Fall Creek Farm and Nursery, the world’s leading blueberry nursery stock and breeding company, providing the industry’s best blueberry genetics, plants & technical support to commercial fruit growers around the globe and situated less than twenty minutes from Interstate- 5 freeway, one of the largest major interstate roadways in the United States.

Ignacio, Colorado

Our Ignacio, Colorado location is comprises of more than 35 acres and zoned for cannabis cultivation.